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In 2011, after establishment of the Custom Union, where the Republic of Kazakhstan is the key participant, it became evident and necessary to develop and produce the local flame-retardant products allowing to primarily ensure the increasing demands of the domestic Kazakhstan market, followed by the entry into the markets of the CU participating countries as well as into the international markets

In 2012, National Coating proceeded with development of the flame-retardant product under the FIRE MASK project name, involving the specialists of the Research Institute of Combustion Problems. About 80 tests were carried out.

In 2013, based on results of the successful tests we had obtained the Product Certificate. That year our Company proceeded with the production of the flame-retardant product under the FIRE MASK trade name.

Currently FIRE MASK product is successfully used in the industrial and civil facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our products are also exported to the Republic of Turkmenistan.

FIRE MASK is a suspension of pigments and fillers mixed with the solution of polymer resins and the aromatic solvent with the addition of components that impart the flame-retardant properties to the product. FIRE MASK is intended for application onto the steel structures used in the atmospheric environment and indoors to increase the degree of their fire resistance according to GOST 30247.0, GOST 30247.1 and ST RK 615-2-2011 and to protect the structures from damage in the event of fire.

The modern foaming fire-retardant coating can increase the duration of service life period for the bearing steel structures approximately in ten times. Furthermore, the foamed coating thickness may exceed the thickness of original coating in 30-100 times.

FIRE MASK is the well-established brand at the market of Kazakhstan. It is the high-quality fire-retardant paint produced domestically. This paint has become the particular pride of the Kazakhstani manufacturer, who was able to develop a formula with the help of leading experts (technologists), conduct multiple successful tests, certify and launch the large-scale production of the product which is of the same quality as the foreign analogues, and even surpasses them by several characteristics.

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